Jennifer Aniston Explains How Netflix's 'Friends' Deal Says a Lot

Jennifer Aniston Explains How Netflix's 'Friends' Deal Says a Lot
This week news emerged that Netflix had shelled out an impressive $100 million USD to keep streaming Friends next year. According to star Jennifer Aniston, that all just goes to show how strong the staying power really is for the '90s sitcom.

"I find it amazing that it's continued to have such love and such an audience and such an appetite for it," Aniston told the Associated Press at the premiere of her Netflix film Dumplin' last night (December 6).

She also added this: "I think it says a lot about the show. Especially since it takes place at a time where it's so different from now. You know, people actually spoke to each other and hung out with each other and talked."

By this, we assume Aniston means a faraway bygone time when the human race wasn't obsessed with staring into glowing rectangles. Then again, maybe we all just want some friends.

As previously reported, Netflix paid out the reported $100 million so it can keep showing Friends throughout 2019. That's triple the $30 million USD a year Netflix had previously been paying to stream the show.