Dag Nasty "Cold Heart" / "Wanting Nothing" (snippets)

Dag Nasty 'Cold Heart' / 'Wanting Nothing' (snippets)
As previously reported, the original lineup of DC punk greats Dag Nasty got back in the studio last December after 30 years apart. The resulting two-song 7-inch officially hits stores May 20 through Dischord, but you can sample the melodic hardcore magic ahead of time with a pair of teaser clips.

A-side "Cold Heart" is the faster of the two tracks, driven by Colin Sears' double-time gallop. Shawn Brown's howl, which plots an escape of some sort, is most fitting above the mix of riffs both burly and melancholic.

"Wanting Nothing" shows off a few elastic riffs, courtesy of Brian Baker, and a steadier, Revolution Summer-style pace.

You'll find snippets of both cuts via the player down below.