Daphni "Untitled"

Daphni 'Untitled'
Photo by Thomas Neukum
Much like Flying Lotus, Jon Hopkins is using his BBC Radio 1 residency as a way to roll out new music. He had Caribou mastermind Dan Snaith as a guest on his show, and the Canadian electronic artist shared an unheard cut from his side-project Daphni.

The track doesn't have a title. As is the case with most of Snaith's work as Daphni, it's an electronic dance track with a steady, four-on-the-floor beat and bloopy synth figures. These are overlaid with dramatic string patches and a woman's sighs and laughter. Snaith said that he made the song for his DJ sets and joked, "It's sloppily put together. It's poorly mixed. It's ineffective on the dance floor. It's not fit for purpose."

Hear the cut here. It starts just after the 27-minute mark.