Distillers Sing Sing Death House

L.A.'s queens of violently catchy punk'n'roll return after what seems like a long time in punk years. Even though it's been less than two since their eponymous debut, they follow up much of what made the first record so good. Sophomore records can be a risky business; one needn't look further than Suicidal Tendencies, who followed up a classic debut with a string of cheesy speed metal records, to see how the mighty can fall. Luckily, the Distillers took the high road, and their fans will be quite content with the results. Even the slick Westbeach recording of Donnell Cameron can't smooth out Brody Armstrong's gravelly voice. Sing Sing Death House is a dozen memorable tunes that would make a perfect soundtrack to a car wreck inspired by a glue high. (Epitaph)