Hit-Boy "Old School Caddy" (ft Kid Cudi)

Hit-Boy 'Old School Caddy' (ft Kid Cudi)
"Niggas in Paris" producer Hit-Boy is trying his hand at grippin' a mic these days, and the multi-tasker has just offered up a new single called "Old School Caddy" for you to sample his skills. The song also features a guest verse from Kid Cudi.

Atop a jumped-up backbeat and some light and airy guitar twinkling, Hit-Boy brags about his studio skills, further repping his Grammy-nominated day job by noting that if you want a beat, you better "get ready to pay a fee." He switches gears to ponder girls for a bit too, so it's not all shop talk.

You can download "Old School Caddy" in the widget below for the price of an email addy.