Jimmy Kimmel Remade Drake's "God's Plan" Video in a Dollar Store

Jimmy Kimmel Remade Drake's 'God's Plan' Video in a Dollar Store
Last week, Drake made headlines with his video for "God's Plan," wherein he handed out nearly a million dollars. The video was ostensibly a new take on Blink-182's "The Rock Show," and now it's been parodied by Jimmy Kimmel Live!

The clip stars Kimmel regular Guillermo Diaz, who attempts to copy Drake's streetwear style with a full Adidas tracksuit.

Rather than hand out massive cheques and bundles of cash on the street, Guillermo takes his benevolence to a local dollar store. With a stack of dollar bills, he tells customers that they can each buy one thing that's priced at 99 cents.

It's an admittedly stupid and surprisingly funny bit. Watch it in full below.