Kamasi Washington "Street Fighter Mas" (video)

Kamasi Washington 'Street Fighter Mas' (video)
After sharing the track late last month, Kamasi Washington has delivered a new video for Heaven and Earth song "Street Fighter Mas."

The clip, directed by A.G. Rojas, is a surreal tribute to one of Washington's favourite arcade games, with the sax man getting eventually getting in to a heated game of his own.

Rojas explained the collaboration as follows:

I love inhabiting Kamasi's world, and "Street Fighter Mas" was an opportunity to take a left turn and explore the surreal qualities of that world. When Kamasi told me the background of the song, how Street Fighter was a safe space for him — it took me back to the supermarket down the street from my childhood home where my brother and I would try and get in as many games before our mother was finished shopping. It was a true labor of love for everyone involved, coming from a desire to interpret the cinematic qualities of the track into something equally unpredictable, familiar, absurd and ultimately triumphant.

Washington's Heaven and Earth is due out Friday (June 22) via Young Turks. As previously reported, he also has a pile of tour dates coming up, and you can see those all here.