My Chemical Romance Detail 'Conventional Weapons' Box Set

My Chemical Romance Detail 'Conventional Weapons' Box Set
As previously reported, anthem-loving New Jersey pop punks My Chemical Romance are gearing up to explore some B-sides via a new series of releases called Conventional Weapons. Now, the band have offered up all the details for the series.

The ten songs that comprise Conventional Weapons will eventually create a box set that houses five 7-inches.

Each record will include two previously unreleased songs, and they'll appear in your mailbox once a month. The first record ships on October 30, with the last shipping on February 5.

In addition, the series will come with a box to hold the 7-inches, as well as a poster and a digital download of each song as it's released.

The whole series can be pre-ordered here for $49.99.

Conventional Weapons:

Number one:

A-side:  Boy Division

B-side:  Tomorrow's Money

Released on  October 30, 2012

Number two:


B-side:  Gun.

Released on November 23, 2012

Number three:

A-side: The World Is Ugly

B-side:  The Light Behind Your Eyes

Released on December 18, 2012

Number four:

A-side:  Kiss The Ring

B-side: Make Room!!!!

Released on January 8, 2013

Number five (shipped with box and poster)

A-side:  Surrender The Night

B-side: Burn Bright

Release date:  February 5, 2013