Needles//Pins First World Problems

Needles//Pins <i>First World Problems</i>
In their brief existence, Vancouver punk trio Needles//Pins have carved out a sweet-spot in that area where gruff production meets addictive melody. While not as clean or slow as the Ramones tune they're presumably named after, the band's loser anthems will appeal to punk and garage fans across the board without a doubt.

Needles//Pins recently dropped their debut EP, a seven-song rager called First World Problems. Rather than sit around and wait for you to buy it, however, they've decided to post the whole thing as a free download. Grab it here, and enjoy it in the sunshine.

First World Problems:

1. "Best For You"
2. "Failures"
3. "Drugs in My Room"
4. "Like an Idiot"
5. "First World Problems"
6. "Pills"
7. "Call it Quits"