Pissed Jeans Ready 'Why Love Now' LP, Declare "The Bar Is Low" on New Song

Pissed Jeans Ready 'Why Love Now' LP, Declare 'The Bar Is Low' on New Song
Last year, long-running hardcore noise-mongers Pissed Jeans reissued their excellent Shallow LP on Sub Pop, promising that another new album was on the way. Now, they've made good on their promise and prepped a new platter of noisy, depressive punk tunes.

Called Why Love Now, the album marks the fifth overall full-length from Pissed Jeans, and their first batch of new material since 2013's Honeys

As always, the release focuses in on the frustrating minutiae of the modern, middle class North American. That includes songs about webcams, meaningless job titles and, yes, even Activia yogourt. 

In a press release, frontman Matt Korvette said, "Rock bands can retreat to the safety of what rock bands usually sing about. So 60 years from now, when no one has a telephone, bands will be writing songs like, 'I'm waiting for her to call me on my telephone.' Kids are going to be like, 'Grandpa, tell me, what was that?' I'd rather not shy away from talking about the internet or interactions in 2016."

Why Love Now will arrive on February 24 from Sub Pop. Until then, you can stream the new single "The Bar Is Low" below the tracklist.

Why Love Now:

1. Waiting On My Horrible Warning
2. The Bar Is Low
3. Ignorecam
4. Cold Whip Cream
5. Love Without Emotion
6. I'm A Man
7. (Won't Tell You) My Sign
8. It's Your Knees
9. Worldwide Marine Asset Financial Analyst
10. Have You Ever Been Furniture
11. Activia
12. Not Even Married