Prozzäk "Baby I Need Your Love" (live video)

Prozzäk 'Baby I Need Your Love' (live video)
We've always considered our love of  Canadian dance pop cartoons Prozzäk as falling somewhere on that mythical line between irony and nostalgia. After the band recently reunited for Atomic Lollipop, however, we're starting to question everything. A fan recorded footage of a new song and it sounds, well, pretty damn awesome.

As Chartattack reports, an attendee uploaded some live footage of the band performing a new track believed to be called "Baby I Need Your Love." The song's a sleek house pop banger complete with crunchy guitars, French touch bass lines and a sing-along part about pussy cats. It's basically Prozzäk doing their best Daft Punk impression.

Check out "Baby I Need Your Love" below.