Rick Wakeman's Score to '80s Slasher 'The Burning' Gets Vinyl Reissue

Rick Wakeman's Score to '80s Slasher 'The Burning' Gets Vinyl Reissue
As far as summer camp slasher films go, 1981's The Burning may be one of the most violent and unsettling. Yes keyboardist Rick Wakeman crafted a likewise terrifying score, which the good people at One Way Static are now pressing up on vinyl. If you wanted to vibe out to the slasher's killing music, the soundtrack will arrive this fall.

Wakeman's score had originally been released on wax at the time of the film's release and has also been reissued on CD over the years. Due out on September 30, the One Way Static version updates the collection with a new gatefold cover and has pressed up colour variants on orange/clear split vinyl and clear/orange haze vinyl, each being limited to 500 copies. A cassette version is also being released.

Wakeman's freaky, mostly synth-styled work scores The Burning's narrative of a summer camp caretaker, scarred in a prank gone wrong, returning to the grounds years later to cause mayhem. The story was inspired by an Eastern U.S. urban legend of Cropsey.

The Burning isn't the only horror score in Wakeman's catalogue, as he'd later make music for Creepshow 2 and the 1990 version of The Phantom of the Opera.

Directed by Tony Maylam, The Burning is notable for a number of reasons. First off, it was the first-ever movie produced through the long-running Miramax distribution company. The gore-heavy visual effects were also done by horror legend Tom Savini (Dawn of the Dead, Friday the 13th).

The Burning also features performances from a young Jason Alexander (Seinfeld), Holly Hunter and Brian Backer (Fast Times at Ridgemont High). And the film's vicious, in-boat chop-a-thon is arguably the most horrifying performance of Fisher Stevens' career, lest you consider his offensive brownface performances in the Short Circuit series.

You can order The Burning in North America here via Light in the Attic and here via OWS if you're in Europe. You can also listen to the original vinyl version of the soundtrack below the tracklist.

The Burning:


1. Theme From The Burning

2. The Chase Continues (Po's Plane)

3. Variations On The Fire

4. Shear Terror And More


5. The Burning (End Title Theme)

6. Campfire Story

7. The Fire

8. Doin' It

9. Devil's Creek Breakdown

10. The Chase

11. Shear Terror