​Torres Dropped by 4AD "for Not Being Commercially Successful Enough"

"Also, fuck the music industry"
​Torres Dropped by 4AD 'for Not Being Commercially Successful Enough'
Torres (real name Mackenzie Scott) delivered last year's Three Futures via 4AD, but it seems we won't be getting any subsequent albums from the artist on that label, as the singer-songwriter has been dropped by the company.
Scott took to Twitter last night (April 16) to reveal that she had been let go from a three-album deal with 4AD "for not being commercially successful enough."
"I wish them all the best," she added sarcastically. "Also, fuck the music industry."
The artist has since received a wave of support in response to her tweet from peers, fans and music writers alike. Check out some of those messages below.
4AD has yet to comment on the situation, though reps have confirmed to Exclaim! that Torres is indeed no longer with the label.