​Kelly Osbourne Pissed Her Pants in a Starbucks

It's the headline we've waited our whole lives to write
​Kelly Osbourne Pissed Her Pants in a Starbucks
TV personality Kelly Osbourne hasn't released music since 2005's Sleeping in the Nothing, but over the weekend she was apparently peeing in the public.
The former Fashion Police commentator took to Twitter yesterday (June 25) to share her outrage at a New York City Starbucks that wouldn't allow her to use their bathroom.
Coining the hashtag #PissedMyOwnPants, Osbourne berated the employees for denying her access to a toilet, throwing them a middle finger emoji and informing the entire world that: "I have piss in my shoe."
In addition to the hashtag gaining steam, Osbourne's tweet has received a flurry of responses. Some locals informed her that the particular location doesn't have a customer washroom, while others chastised her for expecting the employees to give her special treatment.
Others just took the opportunity to share their own Starbucks bathroom horror stories.