Orgazmo Special Edition Trey Parker

Through one of the many interviews for this DVD, Matt Stone mentions he was interested in making Orgazmo based on the ridiculous premise: a Mormon becomes a porn star. Based on the plot outline, and that this film was written and directed by South Park's Trey Parker, you should have a sense as to whether or not you want to see 90-minutes worth of fart jokes and a dildo strapped to a helmet. Orgazmo is funny, but how funny depends on your willingness to run with the joke. Parker has a love for horrible '80s action films and Orgazmo juggles sometimes clever and sometimes childish absurdity while stealing notes from Chuck Norris's cannon. Joe Young (Parker) is a naïve fellow from Utah who wants to spread the word of Jesus but is roped into adult film when he impresses a director with his self-defence skills. At first he's dead set against it, but the temptation of money and a better future for him and his fiancé lures him into the world of DVDAs. He's cast as Orgazmo, a superhero who saves the lives of damsels in distress then has sex with them. Young refuses to go all-the-way and maintains his boyish charm throughout, which is as nice as Parker gets with his writing. Having the co-creator of South Park write a film about porn before South Park hit leads to a large chunk of brain dead comedy, as the young writer wasn't near the his cleverness of today. The plot becomes (more) absurd when Joe has to dawn a real-life Orgazmo persona in order to save the woman he loves, but you roll with it because you've already lowered your standards. Parker notes that fans of South Park hate this, but it shouldn't go over the heads of his followers, especially when there are plenty of subtle jabs (usually involving Matt Stone) that make you laugh out loud. The DVD is packed with extras, but Orgazmo isn't a film deserving this much attention. With about three hours of deleted scenes, outtakes and interviews, you grow tired of Ron Jeremy giving his reflections. The best featurette is the "making of," in which we get the background on the college short films Parker and Stone made before Fox gave the South Park green light. Orgazmo is a humorous film that was slapped with an NC-17 rating, even with no nudity or graphic sex. Parker goes on about how poorly he was treated by the film board as an indie film maker compared to the backing he now receives, but given his success, a film no one got to see is now available in all its uncut glory to anyone looking for some cheap laughs. Plus: commentary tracks. (Alliance Atlantis)