People Are Inexplicably Getting 'Tiger King' Tattoos in Isolation

Spoiler alert: they're not all that great
People Are Inexplicably Getting 'Tiger King' Tattoos in Isolation
Whether you've watched it or not, you're at least probably aware of Netflix's viral docuseries Tiger King. Most people who have watched the show can relate to its extremely watchable — if not morally ambiguous — storyline all about big cats and their eccentric owners. Some of you perhaps even really, really liked the show. Some more than others.

Despite ongoing measures to enforce physical distancing during the coronavirus pandemic, big fans of the show have somehow been getting Joe Exotic- and Carole Baskin-inspired tattoos. As you can imagine, they range from absolutely terrible to strangely well done.

And while we don't recommend visiting a tattoo shop during lockdown, we must admit, these tattoos have added another layer of enjoyment to the series. While you wait for the series's inevitable follow-up episode, take a look at some people's seriously of-the-moment body art and decide whether or not they were worth breaking quarantine.

Here's a collection of our favourite Tiger King-themed tattoos below. But be warned: most of them are pretty bad.


Some (possibly wiser) people are using semi-permanent markers to tat themselves as well.


Special shout out to the OG of Tiger King tattoos (and its subsequent cover-up), belonging to Joe's ex-husband John Finlay: