Team America: World Police Trey Parker

Team America: World Police Trey Parker
The careers of Trey Parker and Matt Stone are growing in strength with each year, with the duo able to poke fun at current events mere weeks after they occur through their animated series, South Park. You would think that after years of carrying out their revenge on celebrities that rub them the wrong way someone like Michael Moore would have the sense not to trick the movie-going audience into thinking Parker and Stone scripted a deceiving animated short for Bowling for Columbine, which they did not. So the duo decided to strap the hotdog-eating filmmaker with enough dynamite to blow up Mount Rushmore and documented Moore's heavy frame detonating like an exploding watermelon. Well, at least they made a puppet of him to carry out the suicide bombing.

Team America: World Police takes no prisoners and seeks to make fools of not only the Bush administration but several A-list celebrities that whine and complain while America fights the current war in Iraq. The all-marionette cast includes Sean Penn, Helen Hunt and a mildly-retarded Matt Damon, who all follow the leadership of Alec Baldwin in a quest to stop the senseless destruction of third world nations by Team America.

With the world at the risk of non-stop terrorist attacks, a band of action heroes look to Gary Johnston to help them save the world, what with his superior acting ability, as seen in his tour de force performance in Lease: The Musical. Gary's gift, as well as an incredibly dodgy make-up transformation, miraculously gains him access to a terrorist organisation and he helps foil just one attempt at world destruction. When he thinks his duty as an American to fight the war on terror is done, he quickly learns that "freedom isn't free" in a hysterical montage featuring Trey Parker's new country vocal style that, apart from the actual lyrics, sounds exactly like a real 9/11 tribute recording.

Team America follows the stereotypical action sequences perfectly, using nothing but puppets mind you, managing to shed light on the fact that the "war on terror" has basically already been documented by the majority of Schwarzenegger's films. The soundtrack is absolutely amazing, including the brilliant Team America theme song, "America, Fuck Yeah!," as well as Kim Jong Il's sappy cry for attention, entitled "I'm So Ronery." The puppets begin to take on a life of their own and, with the help of incredible cinematography and set design, you begin to forget that you actually are watching a full-length film that uses a cast of marionettes.

Sometimes the constant cues from dreadful Hollywood action films make you slip into a state where you think you are watching another horrible Hollywood action film, but moments like the clever use of black housecats as flesh-eating panthers and the most graphic sex scene using puppets you will ever see keeps you on your toes. Just like many of their South Park statements, Trey Parker and Matt Stone don't side with anyone regarding America's handling of global terrorism. They basically just want everyone to realise how absurd the situation is as a whole, from the administration to the whining celebrities that are opposed to them. And they're going to show us the way with a projectile vomit scene that seems to go on forever. Fuck yeah! (Paramount)