Thundercat Wrote a Song for the 'ThunderCats' Reboot

He also plays a role in the new Cartoon Network series
Thundercat Wrote a Song for the 'ThunderCats' Reboot
Thundercat has contributed to the soundtrack of Cartoon Network's ThunderCats Roar — the 2020 reboot of the classic '80s animated series — with a song titled "Grune's Tune."

The character in the song, Grune the Destroyer, also happens to be played by the artist born Stephen Lee Bruner himself. "I always wanted to be a Thundercat," Bruner wrote in a tweet today.

Bruner also revealed the deep roots of his longstanding — and probably obvious — ThunderCats fandom in a Comic-Con at Home Q&A panel held yesterday (July 23).

"My mom wouldn't buy me the toys because she genuinely thought I would worship them," he explained at one point during the panel.

"Grune's Tune" marks the first new material from the artist since his latest full-length album, It Is What It Is, which arrived back in April. 

Listen to "Grune's Tune" below, where you can also find the full Comic-Con panel discussion.