​Watch Joaquin Phoenix's Fake Behind-the-Scenes 'Joker' Meltdown on 'Kimmel'

​Watch Joaquin Phoenix's Fake Behind-the-Scenes 'Joker' Meltdown on 'Kimmel'
Joaquin Phoenix appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! last night (October 1) to promote his new film Joker, but the host "surprised" the actor with footage of an on-set meltdown.
Kimmel claimed the behind-the-scenes clip was sent over from director Todd Phillips, and it sees Phoenix (in full Joker makeup) slowly start to lose it on a cinematographer named Larry.
Phoenix tells him to shut up with "the constant whispering," before accusing Larry of making fun of him by repeatedly calling him Cher.
"I know you started the [bleep] Cher thing, Larry," he says. "[bleep] making fun of me. Like I'm a [bleep] diva. It's not even an insult. Cher, really? Singer, actor, dancer, fashion icon — how's that a [bleep] insult? [bleep] I can't do this, man."
Phoenix played along, acting embarrassed and apologizing profusely (and then backpedalling a bit) to Larry.
Watch the segment below — but don't worry, it's not anywhere near being the actor's strangest late-night TV appearance.
Joker hits theatres on Friday (October 4). Read Exclaim!'s review of the film.