Annihilator Release Free Best-of, Reissue Back Catalogue

Annihilator Release Free Best-of, Reissue Back Catalogue
Proving that there's more unheralded Canadian metal out there to mine than just Anvil, legendary heavy music label Earache is in the midst of re-releasing six classic albums from Ottawa-based thrashers Annihilator's back catalogue. Earache has already kicked things off with three discs - Carnival DiablosCriteria for a Black Widow and Waking the Fury - with King of the Kill, Remains and Refresh the Demon to follow shortly. While each record is getting reissued on CD and multiple pressings of coloured vinyl, the bad news for us Canucks is that these ragers are only being repressed in Europe.

Fortunately, Annihilator fans on this side of the pond will be satiated by Earache's free download-only compilation Total Annihilation, a retrospective of 14 of the fastest, most brutal onslaughts that'll be covered within the massive catalogue overhaul.

Shred along to Total Annihilation here.

Thanks to Blabbermouth for the tip.

Total Annihilation:

1. The Trend

2. Ambush

3. Battered

4. Carnival Diablos

5. Back To The Palace

6. Nothing Left

7. Ultra-Motion

8. Ritual

9. King Of The Kill

10. Second To None

11. Ultraparanoia

12. Refresh The Demon

13. Tricks And Traps

14. Never Forget