Astaroth Incarnate Drop "I Am Fire / I Am Death (Omega)" Lyric Video

The song comes from the Toronto band's new 'Ascendance' EP
Astaroth Incarnate Drop 'I Am Fire / I Am Death (Omega)' Lyric Video
Taking one look at Astaroth Incarnate, you know exactly what you are in for. Named after a Biblical demon, the Toronto-based crew have been steadily building their fanbase since 2013 through hard work and a devotion to all things apocalyptic and grim. 

With the arrival of their new EP, Ascendance, on December 6, the band have decided to drag us to hell again with their spookily shot video for "I Am Fire / I Am Death (Omega)". 

"[The song] is the continuation of the first track that we released," says frontman Sam Astaroth. "If you paid close attention to 'I Am Fire / I Am Death (Alpha)' you would've noticed four different characters who represent the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, intertwined in death with the primary Astaroth character who represents life. Therefore, '(Omega)' continues the story by representing the Astaroth character as someone who is beyond death and one who incites the outcome of the eventual demise of a human."

You can watch "I Am Fire/I Am Death (Omega)" in the player below. Astaroth Incarnate's upcoming EP can be pre-ordered here.