BJ the Chicago Kid "A Day in My Mind" (ft. Jay Rock) (video)

BJ the Chicago Kid 'A Day in My Mind' (ft. Jay Rock) (video)
"All I wanted was a little fun," Illinois-raised but Cali-based soulsmith BJ the Chicago Kid sings in his latest music video, which combines an unreleased track called "Oh My God" with his In My Mind track "Woman's World." You can find out how that all plays out in the newly revealed, day-in-the-life-styled visuals.

Presented as a clip called "A Day in My Mind," the Shawny Ocho-directed piece first finds BJ engaged in a cell convo before being picked up at home by TDE bud Jay Rock. The pair drive around L.A. to the smouldering, electro-dappled tones of "Oh My God" before hitting a rehearsal space.

From there, we're treated to a full-band performance of "Woman's World," where the stool-seated Chicago Kid croons his butt off alongside a crew of seasoned pros.

You'll find the soulful, bars-assisted combo package down below.