Boys Noize "Ich R U" (video)

Boys Noize 'Ich R U' (video)
Berlin-based electro dude Boys Noize released his Out of the Black earlier this month, but now Alexander Ridha has given us a new vid for album track "Ich R U."

In a statement, Ridha explained of the track, "'Ich R U' is probably the most melodic one on my new album. If you know some of my tracks like 'Yeah' 'Jeffer' or 'Shine Shine'... it has that sort of vibe.

"It surprises me that friends or fans sometimes prefer the melodic or softer stuff I do, especially on my remixes and I think 'Ich R U' is obviously more of a softer one — but it's still super funky and Disco6000. Again, it has robot vocals, which I prefer to the human one, haha..."

All that said, the song itself may fail to live up to the actual video, which features Ridha, along with all his equipment and props, entirely masked in keys from a computer keyboard. It's pretty wild, to say the least, and kinda has to be seen to be believed.

As previously reported, Boys Noize will be heading out on a world tour that includes a few Canadian stops, including Montreal on December 6, Toronto on December 7 and Vancouver on December 12.