Dan Boeckner Reveals Upcoming Handsome Furs Shows

Dan Boeckner Reveals Upcoming Handsome Furs Shows
Dan Boeckner has kept himself busy in recent years between the Wolf Parade reunion and his synth-rock band Operators. Now, Boeckner has teased a reunion of sorts for one of his other outfits — synth-rock duo Handsome Furs, who broke up in 2012.

In an interview with the This Must Be the Gig podcast, Boeckner revealed that there will be two Handsome Furs shows in December in yet-to-be announced cities. "We're doing these two Handsome Furs shows because I really miss playing those songs," said Boeckner.

Though the shows will feature no new Handsome Furs material, they will feature new Operators songs.

There was no discussion as to whether the shows will feature Alexei Perry, the other member of Handsome Furs and Boeckner's ex-wife, or if the other members of Operators will be performing alongside Boeckner instead.

Boeckner has previously expressed a desire to perform Handsome Furs songs with Operators, even going as far as to take requests on Twitter

Speaking of Operators, Boeckner revealed that the band are recording their second album.

"The record is written and it's 75 percent recorded," said Boeckner, estimating that the record is about "halfway done," with only overdubs, vocals and mixing left to be finished. He estimated a release date of April 2019.

Operators' debut album, Blue Wave, was released in April 2016.

Listen to the interview with Boeckner here. The information about Handsome Furs is revealed around the 55-minute mark.

UPDATE (Sept. 18, 12:30PM EST): Operators have announced that they will be performing Handsome Furs material at special shows in Brooklyn on December 13 and Toronto on December 15.