David Aaron Dismiss Television

Geography can often play a deceptive role in explaining the music made by an individual. Though obviously influenced by his recent time spent in New York, Halifax saxophone player and composer David Aaron doesn't fit into a traditional conception of the Maritime sound. His jazz style is certainly Knitting Factory-esque, with exploratory solos, unconventional arrangements and collective improvisations. Along with five original tunes, included here are a witty word-jazz piece, "Sophia," and a lounge-y cover of Alanis Morissette's "You Oughta Know." Aaron shines on the 12-minute closing track, "ja4," recorded in New York with Jazz Messenger founder Roy Nathanson and E.J Rodriguez. Aaron and Nathanson layer and solo overtop of a simple, repeating phrase, then collapse it mid-song and eventually bring back the James Bond worthy ostinato for a punchy and spirited conclusion. (Short Memory)