Drake's Pick 6IX Restaurant Closed Amidst Landlord Dispute

Nearly $70,000 in rent has reportedly been unpaid
Drake's Pick 6IX Restaurant Closed Amidst Landlord Dispute
Drake's Pick 6IX restaurant reopened and rebranded this past March after a sudden closure in August 2018, but it appears the establishment has an uncertain future once again.

As CTV News reports, Pick 6IX Sports has closed amidst an ongoing dispute with the landlord. A termination notice found in the venue's front window says nearly $70,000 in rent has gone unpaid, reading in part, "The premises have been re-entered and the lease has been terminated by the landlord for default in the payment of rent in the amount of $67,514.73."

An Instagram post from the restaurant made Monday (November 18) said that the closure was due to a flood, adding that it "will be closed till further notice." The venue also posted a printed sign next to the termination notice today reading that staff "are working hard to effect repairs ensure your future dining experiences with us will be pleasant ones."

CTV notes that the restaurant's voicemail pointed to a March 2020 reopening. In a separate statement also issued today, spokespeople for Pick 6IX Sports claimed to have "always paid rent on time," and that the restaurant has asked the landlord to remove the termination notice as it is "unnecessary and inaccurate."

"This month is no different, despite a number of issues with the building — including two floods in the past two years due to issues with the pipes," the restaurant said [via CTV]. "We plan to continue to work with the landlord to resolve any misunderstanding and get back to repairing the restaurant from the water damage."

Project manager Phil Strunc, who is in charge of flooding repairs, told CTV that the restaurant's water damage came from a leak on November 15.

"They had a flood from the roof, an HVAC leak, which caused a lot of water to enter into the restaurant and spread throughout the entire place so our team is here, we've been here for about three or four days now," Strunc said Friday. "We're drawing out the structure, removing all of the damage and wet contents and then spraying the place down for mould and bacteria growth to make sure there are no issues in the future."

Drake's Pick 6IX Sports initially launched as Pick 6IX in January 2018. The restaurant then closed in August of that same year "for renovations following extensive damage from a storm."

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