Ellen Allien Taps Tim Hecker, Bodycode for Remix Comp

Ellen Allien Taps Tim Hecker, Bodycode for Remix Comp
Last summer, BPitch Control head and techno boundary-pusher Ellen Allien released her strongest effort yet in Dust. As our review explained, "the record exhibits qualities of warmth and intellect painted deeply into the audio canvas." Now, Allien is sharing that canvas with a bevy of remixers on a new release, suitably called Dust Remixes.

For the release, Allien has brought in everyone from Montreal experimenter Tim Hecker to house experimenter Bodycode, alongside upcoming artists like Kassem Mosse and John Roberts.

 Allien will release the Dust Remixes on March 21 via BPitch Control. The full tracklisting is below.

Dust Remixes:

 1. "My Tree" (Ripperton's Backlash remix)

2. "Dream" (Bodycode remix)

3. "Huibuh" (Adultnapper remix)

4. "Flashy Flashy" (Nicolas Jaar remix)

5. "Sun the Rain" (Tim Hecker remix)

6. "Should We Go Home" (John Roberts remix)

7. "Ever" (Aux 88 'Black Tokyo remix')

8. "Flashy Flashy" (Fabrizio Maurizi remix)

9. "Searching" (Shonky remix)

10. "Schlumi" (Camea's 'I'm in the neighborhood' remix)

11. "You" (Munk remix)

12. "Our Utopie" (Kassem Mosse remix)

DIGITAL BONUS: "Sun the Rain" (We Love remix)