Explore the Taiwanese Independent Music Scene over on Exclaim! TV

Explore the Taiwanese Independent Music Scene over on Exclaim! TV
As always, it's been a busy couple of weeks over in Exclaim! TV land, and we have fresh episodes of Garageland up for the viewing.

Our latest features the fifth and final instalment from our Taiwan adventure. This time, we talk to political rap group Kou Chou Ching, known as Taiwan's Public Enemy. This controversial band mix classic Chinese instrumentals with hip-hop and their beliefs and political opinions.

And if you missed the previous episodes of Garageland, check out Taiwan Part 4, where we talk to instrumental post-rock band Aphasia. These guys and gals essentially run the independent music scene: owning the only indie music record store, booking shows for bands like Broken Social Scene and licensing music from labels like Arts & Crafts. Oh, and have an entire photo album of them getting arrested.

Also, revisit Taiwan Part 3 to discover the government-based obstacles that independent artists faced during the '80s and '90s, and how it's influenced today's music. Taiwan Part 2 shows the amazing progress that the music scene has made throughout the years, while Taiwan Part 1 begins our journey into the Taiwanese independent music scene.

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