Faith Healer's Five Favourite Places in Edmonton

Faith Healer's Five Favourite Places in Edmonton
Photo: Chris Gee
Faith Healer, so named to keep Jessica Jalbert from being pigeonholed as a singer-songwriter, has evolved into a band for sophomore album Try ;), out now on Mint. She outlines her favourite spots in her Edmonton hometown. Location photos by Dana Zuk.

Tony's Pizza Palace (9605 – 111 Ave.)
I've actually used Tony's Pizza as currency with the band [to pay for] studio work. I hate eating in restaurants but Tony's is in one of my favourite neighbourhoods, has been around since the '70s and their tomato sauce is perfect.

Riverdale Recorders (#4 10878 – 97 St.)
There are not a lot of places I enjoy being more the common area at Riverdale, listening to records and getting some inspiration between tracking. I know home recording is the way things are going, but I love a recording studio, and would recommend any band with a few days off in Edmonton try and book a session at Riverdale. It's very chill.

Edmonton River Valley
The other day I was driving, turned a corner and just laughed out loud at how beautiful the view was. It's so green and the river is fully swimmable, although a lot of people don't use it. We used to put on these secret shows on the river bank where we'd get maybe 30 people out sitting on the rocks. Once I was so high while I was performing that I was sure I'd pissed my pants, and everyone was pointing and laughing. They were actually pointing at a beaver swimming around behind me.

Empress Ale House (9912 82 Ave NW)
Empress has the nicest bartenders, the kind of place where you feel at home right off the bat, even if you're not a regular.

West Edmonton Mall Waterpark (8882 170 St. NW)
I dunno when I'm going to feel too old for this. I love the giddy feeling when you run up the stairs to get in line. I love when they get a new slide. And they recently introduced free soda fountains all over the park, so it's even more amazing.