Fly Pan Am Unveil New Album 'Frontera'

Hear the record's first single "Scanner"
Fly Pan Am Unveil New Album 'Frontera'
Fly Pan Am have announced their next full-length album. The record is called Frontera, and it's set to arrive on May 21 via Constellation Records. For now, you can hear the first single "Scanner" down below.

The album marks the first from the Montreal group since 2019's C'est ça, and it promises to house "some of their most direct, visceral and immediately satisfying" material yet.

Frontera was made to go alongside a contemporary dance piece of the same name, making the record a collaboration with Dana Gingras and her Montréal-based dance troupe Animals Of Distinction.

Here's how Constellation describes the album/soundtrack:

As the Frontera recordings demonstrate, this music also works powerfully and exceptionally well on its own: oscillating between tension and release; evoking open, anxious interzones and closed, claustrophobic spaces; conveying an overarching landscape of forbidden access, foreclosed movement, and the unfathomable multiplicities of trauma and resilience that occur under our dehumanising international apparatuses of inadmissibility and control. 

The label goes on to explain that Frontera tracks faithfully to the narrative of the original work, which featured eight movements portrayed by 10 dancers. Fly Pan Am toured as the live band for the production in early 2020 before the pandemic clammed down on such events.

Frontera was produced by Radwan Moumneh at the storied Hotel2Tango in Montreal.

Hear "Scanner" below, where you'll also find the album's tracklist.


1. Grid / Wall
2. Parkour
3. Scanner
4. Scaling
5. Parkour 2
6. Body Pressure
7. Fences
8. Frontier