Frog Eyes Appear to Be Back Under a New Name

They have rebranded as Soft Plastics
Frog Eyes Appear to Be Back Under a New Name
Photo: Angela Fama
Frog Eyes, the art-rock project helmed by BC musician Carey Mercer, called it quits in 2018. Now, Mercer appears to have revived the project with a new name and tweaked lineup. 

The description on Frog Eyes' Facebook page now reads, "Introducing Soft Plastics, the new project and inspiration of Carey Mercer, songwriter of Frog Eyes." The page's URL has been changed to "SoftPlastics5Dreams." The page also features new band photos, revealing the lineup is Mercer with former Frog Eyes members Melanie Campbell and Shyla Seller.

A photograph of a vinyl test pressing was recently posted to the Frog Eyes Instagram account. The account's name has also been changed to "softplastics5dreams." The band's Twitter account has similarly rebranded.

The re-emergence of Frog Eyes may not be a complete surprise to eagle-eyed fans. When we spoke with Mercer in 2018 about the end of Frog Eyes, he said, "We have a plan, when everything's done, to sit down and talk, to see if anyone wants to come back together or not, but to be able to do it on the terms of, 'This is a new band.'"

Frog Eyes' last studio album was 2018's Violet Psalms. Later that year, they released Live at the Moroccan Lounge, a live recording of one of their final shows.

More details on Soft Plastics appear to be coming soon.

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