​Frog Eyes Deliver Parting Gift with "Your Boss's Shirt" Video

​Frog Eyes Deliver Parting Gift with 'Your Boss's Shirt' Video
Frog Eyes delivered their eighth and final record Violet Psalms earlier this year, and although they recently wrapped up their farewell tour, the Canadian band have offered up a parting gift of sorts in the form of a new video.
The visuals for "Your Boss's Shirt" were specifically shot in the Okanagan Valley by visual artists Keith Langergraber and Heather McDermid.
"The location used to house a massive, derelict half-pipe, one of the first in the area," the band's Carey Mercer tells Exclaim! "The sylvan setting morphs into poignant close-ups of derelict objects and sculptural, sci-fi architecture, augmenting the song's odd chord structures. Like much of Violet Psalms, the golden twilight in the video is laced with a palpable sense of both unease and odd wonder."
Let the unease and odd wonder wash over you in gorgeous tones by watching the video for "Your Boss's Shirt" below.