Gerd Janson fabric 89

Gerd Janson fabric 89
There is no shortage of mixes by expert house DJ and Running Back label boss Gerd Janson circulating online. Having contributed to many of the higher-profile podcast series out there, Janson has already made a name for himself with listeners by delivering consistent mixes that channel his fun-loving DJ style while unearthing forgotten oddities.
A crack at the fabric mix series could have been a chance to introduce Janson's DJing to an even wider audience, or a chance to take a different approach and craft a different style of mix. Unfortunately, he's taken a somewhat cautious approach, stringing together a set of tracks that, while good, are not particularly surprising.
Janson starts off with Luke Abbott's recently released remix of "Snooze For Love," one of Todd Terje's early classics. Abbott dials back the lustre of Terje's original, significantly warping it in a way that produces vague recollections of the summer of 2011. A long blend then leads to another slice of pretty, summery techno, "Voices" by John Talabot. A slate of tracks ranging from house to acid follow, culminating in the standout, a gritty remix of Nick Höppner's "Relate" by the Black Madonna.
Janson's mixing on fabric 89 is functional, if not head-turning, but his style has usually tended towards respectably understated transitions that showcase the tracks themselves rather than his own DJ skills. This particular outing, however, lacks the same kind of unexpected revelations that dot his downloadable mixes and make them so appealing. (Fabric)