Guided By Voices Line Up an Onslaught of 7-inches

Guided By Voices Line Up an Onslaught of 7-inches
It's been a couple of weeks since prolific indie troupe Guided By Voices issued their Down by the Racetrack EP, and there's still over two months to go before they drop their English Little League LP. Robert Pollard and the boys have even more new tunes, obviously, and they're serving up five new 7-inches before English Little League's April 30 due date.

Press materials explain that the series of singles will all be delivered via the group's GBV Inc. imprint, hosting English Little League album tracks on the A-sides while offering exclusive material on the flip. First up is the fast-approaching "Flunky Minnows," which sees release February 19 and will feature "Jellypop Smiles" — a track that's apparently "a reverb-heavy acoustic number with out-of-tune recorder" — on the opposing side of wax.

The Tobin Sprout-penned "Islands (She Talks in Rainbows)" single arrives March 5 and will also feature another acoustic ballad called "She Wore Blue and Green" and an "echo-soaked workout" called "Full Framed Luberon." Up next is "Trash Can Full of Nails," which drops on March 19 and houses another Sprout-helmed psych-pop number on the B-side titled "Build a Bigger Iceberg."

The fourth single showcases English Little League track "Xeno Pariah," but the B-side is a reworked reprise of the band's ancient Suitcase compilation track "Little Jimmy the Giant," though this time around the song will be credited to Guided By Voices, not the fictitious Little Bobby Pop.

Finally, a 7-inch wax slab of "Nobel Insect" caps the singles spree. The A-side is a Pollard/Sprout special, while B-sides "Waves of Gray" and "See You Soon" are piano-driven cuts written and sung by Sprout and Pollard, respectively.

Lest your turntable is out of order, the singles, which are being be pressed in runs of 1,000, will also include download cards, .