IRN's Doom Metal Is as Potent as Ever on Self-Titled EP

IRN's Doom Metal Is as Potent as Ever on Self-Titled EP
Toronto doom institution IRN return with their latest offering. The band take some new atmospheric approaches on this self-titled EP, which is soaked in atmosphere and dread, while also remaining true to their signature sound.

"Blood Seeping from your Eyes" opens the EP with psychedelic noise and disorienting feedback. IRN's layer of electronic elements further subverts listeners' normal expectations of doom metal. The sparse low end creates a chilling and uneasy effect that is somewhat unfamiliar within the genre.

The EP's second track, "Forever Miserable," is the kind of slow dirge that is synonymous with IRN. It's molasses-like riffs, contrasted against the chaotic rhythmic passages of the drums, prove that their signature atmospheric doom is a potent as ever.

IRN are not reinventing themselves on this release, nor were they ever trying to be something that they are not. IRN prove that their signature brand doom metal is as potent as ever, and they leave the listener looking forward to more upcoming material. (Rope or Guillotine)