Jack Johnson Sleep Through the Static

Soft and soothing acoustic songs for a lazy summer day, that’s what’s so appealing about what Jack Johnson delivers on his latest. The record opens with a song of questioning and hope seeking in this topsy-turvy world ("All At Once”), where Johnson simply states: "Sometimes it feels like a heart/Is no place to be singing from at all.” The title track ("Sleep Through the Static”) is a bouncy number where the rhymes roll off Johnson’s tongue in a folk-rap style, accompanied by some jazzy guitar riffs. It’s a song for peace that bemoans that we’ve "gone beyond where we should have gone.” These 14 cuts are easy listening but not in the sense of elevator music, more in the ease in which these subtle sounds float to your ears. Yet, while the sounds and rhythms are airy and light, the lyrics are finely crafted and deep. With each listen, you’ll discover new layers of Johnson’s sweet sound. (Brushfire)