K-os Returns with New Single "No Bucks"

K-os Returns with New Single 'No Bucks'
Having been relatively silent since sharing his Views from the Stix mixtape in 2016, K-os has now returned with a new single.

Titled "No Bucks," the guitar-driven track finds his lyrical pen focused on staying true to his craft and himself, singing the humorous hook, "I don't give any, any bucks about it." 

"No Bucks" was written after a three-year hiatus from the industry led him to a realization about the industry's current state.

"The naiveté of every generation is that their arts and culture is going to last forever," he said in a statement. "That just seems like the hubris of youth. However, one day when I was listening to a Fleetwood Mac record on the radio it dawned upon me that even though all great music ages well and keeps replenishing itself, there's really no foolproof way to know for sure if what you write today will be a classic tomorrow."

K-os added, "That's when I started to give 'no bucks. No investment into the fashionista changing tide of music. I don't care."

K-os' last full-length release was 2015's Can't Fly Without Gravity. He's set to headline British Columbia's Ponderosa Festival this weekend.