Land of Talk Share "Diaphanous" from 'Indistinct Conversations' LP

Watch a video for Elizabeth Powell's latest single
Land of Talk Share 'Diaphanous' from 'Indistinct Conversations' LP
Photo: Matt Williams
Land of Talk was set to return with a highly anticipated new album called Indistinct Conversations this month, but the damn thing was delayed thanks to COVID-19. Fortunately, we get another preview with a new tune called "Diaphanous."

The song, which opens the album, is a laid-back pop rock tune that is densely layered with warm instrumentation and Elizabeth Powell's timeless vocals. It also comes via a video directed by Lara Kramer.

About new single, Powell explained: "After having recorded and shared the initial demos, hearing what Bucky had manifested from essentially just my humming and strumming at once both floored me and swept me off my feet. What begins as an airy groove, swells into a sweeping anthem for going easy on oneself. And, the importance of levity."

As for the actual video, Kramer stated: "It has been an exciting and meaningful experience collaborating with Lizzie, a strong voice. Approaching the visual treatment of 'Diaphanous' I lead with my sensing the song's underbelly, the guts. Without pushing the telling of a narrative. Finding self-determination in what we chose to reveal and disclose, what we make transparent.

Watch the video for "Diaphanous" below.

Indistinct Conversations will now arrive on July 31 via Dine Alone.