Listen to the Orb & David Gilmour's Metallic Spheres Now on

Listen to the Orb & David Gilmour's <i>Metallic Spheres</i> Now on
What do you get when you combine a legendary singer-songwriter/guitarist from Pink Floyd and a pioneering electronic group? Well, you find yourself with the sound collision of keyboards, electric guitars and sound manipulation that makes up the Orb & David Gilmour's Metallic Spheres.

The album is out today (October 12) via Columbia Records, and you can listen to it here, where it will be streaming all week on

The seemingly unlikely creative partners first came together to work on a version of Graham Nash's "Chicago" for a charity project, eventually leading them to reform for Metallic Spheres. In a statement, the Orb's Alex Paterson says the project is "a collision that's been waiting to happen with Pink Floyd/David Gilmour and the Orb orbiting many of the same planets."

The album is meant to be heard as two separate parts: the "Metallic Side" (24'48") and the "Spheres Side" (25'09"), hence the name Metallic Spheres. Each side consists of five movements, and there are three formats available, including a two-disc deluxe, digital download and 180-gram vinyl. Disc two on the deluxe CD version will include a new technology called "3D60TM," which is said to allow a 360-degree sound experience.

Hear the record for yourself: Metallic Spheres will be streaming on until October 18.

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