Little You, Little Me I'd Watch the Day Til It Died

Little You, Little Me I'd Watch the Day Til It Died
The guys in Little You, Little Me are really good at being mad. Anger tinges every track on their sophomore album, I'd Watch the Day Til It Died, from the thrashing, fuzz-riddled guitar to the angsty, often sneering vocals.
The band direct their seething energy towards a number of targets throughout the record, ripping off the top with the aptly named "Fuckushima," a fuzz-powered jam ready to fall off the rails at any moment. Then there's "Greed," a violent ode to the oil barons of New Brunswick that comes blasting out of the gate with a machine gun of a drum roll, every riff feeling like a cathartic punch in the gut.
The '90s-tinged "Caught Between Us" deals with trying to get over a former paramour, only to be trapped by your history. A softer moment on the record in which screams are replaced with falsetto vocal hooks, the song demonstrates that one can be sad and still rip a guitar solo.
I'd Watch the Day Til It Died is a viscous, frothing rock album from a band that is ready to rip a hole in the national scene. (Independent)