Love Mansuy Of Age

Love Mansuy Of Age
Love is the actual first name of Montreal-born, New Jersey-raised vocalist Love Mansuy, and it's the primary emotion displayed on Of Age. "Shit is too real," the artist of Haitian descent sings on "Dad's Don't Do That," and it's a sentiment that carries this eight-track EP.
As a new and young father, the artist takes stock of his life and relationships with the people in  life — including his son's mother and his own late mother and grandmother— along with his spirituality and career ambitions. As a vocalist, he carries a Khalid-slash-Frank Ocean by way of the Weeknd sensibility; lyrically he displays vulnerability by putting himself and his personal affairs out there.
The aforementioned "Dad's Don't Do That" is a smooth groove even in light of the "loved too fast" theme, while "Three Ounces" calls upon a choir as it reveals the moment he first held his son. The syrupy "SUMMERTIMEBREAKUP" speaks to fleeting love and lust; "Kids" (featuring Day Wave) is a tasty slice of R&B/pop; and standout "Count on You" is a future mainstay on chill with you" type playlists.
Of Age feels like a summer record. It shines a light on the life and career of an emerging artist, one who is owning up to his human mistakes and aims to be on the right track. (Independent)