Lydia Ainsworth Returns with 'Phantom Forest'

Lydia Ainsworth Returns with 'Phantom Forest'
Having released her Darling of the Afterglow LP in 2017, Lydia Ainsworth has now detailed a follow-up full-length.

Titled Phantom Forest, Ainsworth's latest will arrive independently on May 10. The nine-track set was entirely self-produced and marks Ainsworth's first release since relocating from Toronto to Los Angeles.

Themed around "the precarious state of nature in the modern world," Phantom Forest finds Ainsworth singing from three different perspectives: herself, Mother Nature and Greek Chorus. The album closes with a cover of Pink Floyd's 1969 track "Green Is the Colour," while "Give It Back to You" was co-written alongside SURVIVE's Kyle Dixon.

Using opener "Diamonds Cutting Diamonds" as an example, Ainsworth offers of the three perspectives, "The Greek Chorus sets the scene, narrating and offering direction on how to enter Phantom Forest. It's my hope that the listener will imagine the narration to be directed to them as well, as they begin the journey of the album."

Alongside the announcement, Ainsworth has shared a Botticelli-inspired video for "Can You Find Her Place," which was directed by her sister Abby. Of the song, Ainsworth said it concerns "Mother Nature's elusive yet powerful strength in the face of adversity."

Phantom Forest is available for pre-order here.

Phantom Forest:

1. Diamonds Cutting Diamonds
2. Tell Me I Exist
3. Can You Find Her Place
4. Edge Of The Throne
5. Kiss The Future
6. The Time
7. Give It Back To You
8. Floating Dream
9. Green Is The Colour