M83 Concludes 'Extazus' with Creepy "Feelings" Video

It's the last instalment in the film inspired by 'DSVII'
M83 Concludes 'Extazus' with Creepy 'Feelings' Video
While we patiently await M83's forthcoming album DSVII to arrive on Friday (September 20), another instalment of Bertrand Mandico's coinciding experimental film titled Extazus has arrived in an effort to satiate your wildest desires. And wild it is.

This chapter of the film is a partner to the album's sixth track "Feelings." The video documents a horde anthropomorphic crystals and their overtly sensual, sometimes gory interactions. You may want to avoid watching the video if you're squeamish or in the presence of minors as it definitely skirts the line of being NSFW.

"In a way, I'm taking a lot of risks in releasing this album," M83's Anthony Gonzalez said in a statement. "Bertrand was perfect, he loves risks. He's really underground but has grand ideas. His aesthetic is very pure and mystical. He's been able to tell a really strange story with imagery that doesn't really fit into our modern society, which I love."

A strange story indeed. Once you've found some alone time, watch the final chapter of Extazus down below.

"Feelings" is the third instalment of Mandico's Extazus. The second chapter, which is aligned with the album's eighth track "Lune De Fiel," was released just last week. The first chapter "Temple of Sorrow" came out early this month.

DSVII arrives this Friday via Mute Records. M83's last album was 2016's Junk.