​Marshmello Shares New Video for Lil Peep Collaboration "Spotlight"

​Marshmello Shares New Video for Lil Peep Collaboration 'Spotlight'
Marshmello recently shared "Spotlight," his collaboration with the late Lil Peep, and now the track has been given the video treatment.
The clip serves as an homage to the rapper, who died of a drug overdose last year at the age of 21. It was directed by Nick Koenig, who previously collaborated with Lil Peep on the "Awful Things" video.
Koenig released a statement about the video, which reads:
Relationships have a way of overwhelming the meaning and context of physical items to the point of hijacking them. What once was just a household item might now be something that reminds us of that relationship to a point where it overpowers what that item was traditionally meant for. These objects end up developing a shared significance between those in the relationship.
Like Peep's passing, no one got to say goodbye properly but the objects he left us (his body of work both musical and social) remain ours to share in our relationship with him.
The video follows a young green-haired woman, who encounters a surly group of teens at a late-night diner and takes off on her motorcycle. Things take a violent Riverdale-esque twist from there.
Watch the video for "Spotlight" below.