Matadors Flame The Whisper

Vastly different than the Canadian psychobilly mongers of the same name, this Swedish quartet delve into territory we’d expect from the land of higher taxes and beautiful blonde people: good old rock’n’roll. Fucking with the standard formula though, Matadors punctuate the otherwise straightforward rock with twists of country and punk that feel familiar yet fresh. Flame The Whisper is heavier than a retread of Social Distortion but cuts the twang and grit before going too far to create an air of casual, laidback moderateness. It also alludes to influences from fellow clansmen the Hellacopters and Norwegians Gluecifer, again without the high-octane thrust those bands are renowned for. In this case it’s unique yet tasteful, more of a slow-burning support for punk rock’n’roll’s heated passion than a full-blown, overbearing, chaotic assault. (Devil Doll)