MGMT "Alien Days" (video)

MGMT 'Alien Days' (video)
In addition to all the vampires, ghosts and ghouls you'll be eyeballing today during a neighbourhood trick-or-treat crawl, why not feast your peepers on the oddly limber alien couple that dance their way through MGMT's sensual new video clip for their self-titled album's "Alien Days?"

We assume that the clip kicks off in our galaxy, though sometime in the past. A young couple that live in a cabin spend their time riding in some pretty ancient--looking gyro rides and skinny-dipping in a crystal-clear lake, with their passion for life and each other eventually leading up to the birth of an iridescent bowling ball. As most country doctors are wont to do with this sort of thing, the orb gets shoved into a tube leading to an alien bedroom, where it's served to a sexpot alien with buggy black eyes.

There's a somewhat erotic, laser-shooting, body-entwining dance that follows, and though we have no idea what any of it means, you can see all of its oddness in the player down below.