Mouse on Mars Rope In Tortoise, Junior Boys, Mark E. Smith for '21 Again'

Mouse on Mars Rope In Tortoise, Junior Boys, Mark E. Smith for '21 Again'
After issuing their bite-sized Spezmodia EP earlier this year, German electronic duo Mouse on Mars have announced they'll close out the year in grand fashion with a new double LP, 21 Again. The collection comes out October 31 via Monkeytown.

As the title implies, the release is intended to celebrate the 21st anniversary of Jan St. Werner and Andi Toma's partnership as Mouse on Mars, and they've brought along a number of pals to the party. Featuring 30 guest collaborators, the 29-song outing includes appearances from the likes of the Fall's Mark E. Smith, Tortoise, Stereolab's Laetitia Sadier, Junior Boys, Helado Negro, Yoshimi, Modeselektor, Tyondai Braxton, Matthew Herbert, Machinedrum and more.

With the press sheet noting that the set's "willful diversity might cause confusion," the duo are said to explore "laid-back disco funk" with Tim Gane (Stereolab), flirt with dream pop alongside Scratch Pet Land, and take on hip-hop properties with Puppetmastaz. A series of interludes is also being supplied by A Hawk and A Hacksaw, AGF/Delay-Team, Ingrid & Oswald Wiener, David Michael Digregorio & Sung Huang Kim, and Prefuse 73, among others.

Though samples from the set have yet to be delivered, you can check out the monolithic tracklisting down below. In addition to the double LP, Mouse on Mars have announced they'll be staging the 21 Again Festival on October 31 and November 1 at Berlin's HAU 21 Hebbel Theatres.

21 Again:

Disc One:

1. Eli & Mark E. Smith "21 Again"
2. Mouse On Mars & Cavern of Anti-Matter "Fertilized"
3. Mouse On Mars & Tortoise "Shoe Fly"
4. A Hawk And A Hacksaw & Balàzs Unger "Celebration Song Mouse On Mars & Errorsmith: Errormom"
5. Mouse On Mars & Eric D Clark "Lost And Found"
6. Mouse on Mars & Modeselektor feat. Mr. Maloke "Purple Frog"
7. Mouse on Mars & Siriusmo "Immer Kurz Davor"
8. Mouse on Mars & Scratch Pet Land "Splymogym"
9. Mouse on Mars & Dodo NKishi "Queen Für Erschein"
10. Mouse On Mars & Atom TM "Key My Brain"
11. AGF / Delay Team "21 Momstars"
12. Mouse on Mars & Helado Negro "Carca Jadas"
13. Mouse On Mars & Laetitia Sadier "My Toe Is On Fire"

  Disc Two:

1. Ingrid & Oswald Wiener "Wir möchten auch drauf sein"
2. Mouse On Mars & Schlammpeitziger "Ein Leben Wie Heu"
3. Mouse on Mars & Junior Boys "Putty Tart"
4. Mouse on Mars & Candie Hank "Metaloona Swamp"
5. David Michael Digregorio & Sung Huang Kim "We're Glad You Are Born Today, Unless You Weren't Born Today"
6. Mouse on Mars & Machinedrum "Juice Clr 9"
7. Mouse On Mars & Mesak & Claws Costeau "Somiak"
8. Mouse on Mars & F.X. Randomiz "Fromm"
9. Prefuse 73 "90's"
10. Mouse on Mars & Funkstörung "Bon Djerry"
11. Mouse on Mars & Yoshimi "NKANKA"
12. Mouse on Mars & Matthew Herbert aka DJ's Collapse "Double Gum"
13. Mouse on Mars & Olivia Block "Pterion"
14. Mouse on Mars & Oval "Gitto Ski"
15. Mouse on Mars & Tyondai Braxton "Off Sea"
16. DJ Sotch Egg "Mouse On Egg (Happy Birthday!)"