Nasum Doombringer

This 24-minute, 16-track live disc recorded in Osaka on Nasum’s last Japanese tour serves as this most important and downright raging modern grindcore band’s final release. And what a way to go out — there’s nary a moment to catch one’s breath, no extended between-song banter or live jams, just raging grind song after raging grind song. The production is as crisp as the band always were, with a bit of a live edge to it, which brings out both the full-on grindcore attack of songs like "Mass Hypnosis” and "Bullshit,” as well as the high-speed groove of tunes like "I Hate People.” The disc is rounded out by liner notes from drummer Anders Jakobson and a live video for "Scoop,” filmed by Mitch Harris of Napalm Death. Hey, it’s a live album, but as a great little overview of a great little band’s career, it’s a live album worth owning. (Relapse)