Obituary Frozen Alive

Florida death metal pioneers Obituary could’ve become another casualty in the recent trend of lame reunions but Frozen Alive shows them at the top of their game, bearing their razor-sharp teeth. Clean’n’sober guitarist Allen West and the netherworldly howl of front-man John Tardy reign supreme over the entire set, leading the group through a whopping 23 songs at a large club in Poland, the final stop in their recent world tour. Despite their covering almost every track from their 2005 comeback, Frozen in Time, classic cuts like "Turned Inside Out,” "Dying” and "’Til Death” prove the band’s tightness, and an especially brutal rendering of "Back to One” makes one forget that drummer Donald Tardy allows fan favourite "Chopped in Half” to drag a bit. Extras include redundant band interviews, two videos and a drum solo, emphasising that Obituary still have the chops where it counts: onstage and in the flesh. (MVD)