Andrea Bocelli Reveals He Tested Positive for COVID-19

He has since donated his blood for vaccine research
Andrea Bocelli Reveals He Tested Positive for COVID-19
Famed Italian opera singer Andrea Bocelli has revealed that he and a handful of his family members were diagnosed with COVID-19 in March, but opted to keep the diagnosis private, as he "didn't want to unnecessarily alarm my fans and also wished to protect [his] family's privacy."

In a Facebook post late yesterday (May 26), Bocelli has also stated that by the end of March, he and all affected members of his family had made a full recovery. When asked to donate blood to help develop a vaccine, Bocelli said yes.

"A modest — but fundamental — gesture, through which I am playing my small part," he wrote of his contribution.

Despite dealing with the deadly virus, the artist found solace in spending time with his loved ones and returning to his hobbies during quarantine.

"We were able to speak much more than we've ever been, and I've been able to read," he told the Wall Street Journal in a recent interview. "I read the work of a mystic, Maria Valtorta. She wrote 10 volumes, The Gospel as Revealed to Me. And then I did some sports. I moved about a bit, because you know at my age if you don't use your muscles you can forget them."

Only a month after his diagnosis, the 61-year-old was able to perform again, at the Duomo cathedral in Milan.

Read Bocelli's post below.